emergency lockout You’ve just put in a long day at work. Finally reaching home after your long commute but, you realize, you are without a house key – your only house key. Without a convenient copy under your welcome mat, what are your options? Sleep in your car? Call family/friends? Motel? Or.. you can call a convenient, local locksmith. But who to call? Learn more
replacement of locks People had to think about replacing door locks. Often, replacement of locks in the iron doors occurs after victims or criminals appear in the house. Questions about the basic security of your home and your family. Penetration of robbers into a dwelling can create not only a healthy life, but also the life of the victims, if in the apartment unexpectedly for the criminals turns out to be one of the tenants. Learn more
installation and repair of locks Installation and replacement requires knowledge and skills that require time and effort. Therefore, if you have such a need, but it can be caused by many factors (for example, breakage, the desire to improve the protective properties of the door, the need for additional functions, etc.), it is better to turn to specialists who have the necessary experience. Learn more
Move-ins When you buy your next house and other people have been living there before you, there’s a chance that there are duplicates of the keys. If you don’t want people to freely wander around in your house, the locks should be changed. Therefore, you should call us to replace the locks with new ones, and this can all happen the same day. We will replace your locks, and you and your family can sleep safely, knowing there is no person who will suddenly enter your residence when you least expect it Learn more
Duplicates Having key copies is useful. Not only that you can have them in case a friend or family member will have to enter your home, but they are good to have if you lose your keys. If you need a locksmith West End Atlanta or any other area in Atlanta, we are available, and we can duplicate your keys. J&M Locksmith will send a mobile locksmith to your location, and you will receive the duplicate on the spot. Learn more
Car Key Replacement Who said lockouts are possible only when it comes to your home? Car lockouts are frequent too, and it’s not the best thing to go through. Moreover, picking the door locks yourself with a screwdriver may only result in door damage, or you could break the lock. You need to reach out to professionals, and J&M are what you’re looking for. When you call us, we are always available to come and unlock your door as soon as possible. We can also replace your keys, or duplicate them, but this is done in our shop. The keys we can recreate are Fob Keys, Wafer Keys, Slider Keys, and Transponder Keys. Learn more
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